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Rank your job applicants faster than ever before
Immediate fully automated applicant screening

Immediate fully automated applicant screening

Instantly engage applicants in the AI powered screening process with HR-defined questions. They can effortlessly answer by clicking on options or typing their own responses.

  • Instant applicant engagement
  • Automated screening process
  • Customizable HR-defined questions
  • Effortless response completion
Objective applicant evaluation with AI-Ranking

Objective applicant evaluation with AI-Ranking

Fair assessment of job applicants, based on their answers to screening questions and the suitability of their CV. Additionally, AI will help you match applicant experience with job requirements to determine fit.

  • Objective evaluation of applicants
  • AI-Ranking based on job requirements
  • Efficient applicant screening
  • Advanced assessment of applicant fit
Advanced functions to streamline recruitment process

Advanced functions to streamline recruitment process

Simplify recruiting by sending mass progress or rejection messages to applicants. Track interview attendance confirmations and have all necessary information available online or in print.

  • Accelerate your recruiting process
  • Simplify mass progress and rejection messaging
  • Effortlessly track interview attendance
  • Access information online or in print
Gain insights with a comprehensive reporting

Gain insights with a comprehensive reporting

Have a real-time overview of your recruitment process. Access the analysis of the number of applicants, qualified and unqualified candidates, progress of the hiring, and candidates evaluation.

  • Comprehensive reporting for valuable insights
  • Real-time overview of the recruitment process
  • Track applicant numbers and candidate qualifications
  • Monitor progress and evaluate candidates
Advanced functions to streamline recruitment process

Real-time data access for your internal HR system

The API provides easy and secure access to real-time data from HeadRanking about applicants or candidates and sending all the information directly to your internal HR system.

  • Secure and real-time data syncing
  • Efficient utilization of applicant data
  • Seamless human resources management
  • Easy integration with HR systems

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